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Landscaping & Hardscaping Services in Wallingford & Westchester, PA

BrooksMeyer Landscape & Hardscape does it all to ensure beauty takes root around your home. Improve the value and attractiveness of your residential property with precision hardscaping and landscaping services from our professionals in Wallingford, Pennsylvania.
Hardscaping Services
From EP Henry® patios and walkways to segmental retaining walls, we install whatever you need to make your property the talk of your neighborhood. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss the type of product you want.

We offer flagstone, concrete, natural stone, pavers, and other materials for your patio installation or other project. Once you've accepted our estimate, we get started on making your property look its best.
Grading, Seeding, & Sod installation
From start to finish, we're here for all of your rough grading, seeding, and sod installation work. Our rough grading work ensures proper drainage away from your home, while our topsoil installation gives your rough grading more of a finished look. Choose straw or hay to top off your topsoil.
Landscaped Yard, Landscaping Services in Wallingford, PA
For a greener lawn, we offer seeding in a high-quality blend with a shade mix or a high-traffic mix. Complement your seeding service with bluegrass or fescue sod.
Landscaping Services
Count on us to do everything from design to installation to exceed your landscaping expectations. Whether you envision a manicured garden around your home, a gorgeous landscape on the side of a mountain, or just a new look for your pool area, we can help.

Call us to set up an appointment for a close look at the area you want to design. We create a unique design based on your area, needs, and desires, and then get to work after you agree with our estimate.
Hire our landscaping and hardscaping company for a more valuable and appealing property.